RB25 NEO 16mm plenum spacer


Increases bottom end torque, reduces turbo lag, better fuel eceonomy and more room to play.


The spacer lifts the plenum (increasing runner length) and offers loads of advantages such as:

1. The upper plenum sitting taller allows for the fitment of aftermarket fuel rails/injectors with the stock styled plenum tops.


2. With an added 16mm of intake runner length, the engine will gain a small, but noticeable, boost in torque across the lower section of the rev-range.


3. The added torque is known to reduce turbo lag, bringing boost on 100-300rpm earlier.

4. Off-boost performance is also improved, which usually nets a small gain in fuel economy.

All these benefits increase driving pleasure.

Cut from aluminum to mimic the stock plenum design. The plenum spacer is supplied with fasteners and sealant to make for an easy install.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg


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